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  • $9



    • Under Car Wash
    • 2-Step Pre-Soak
    • High Impact Rinse
    • Tri-Color Foam Rinse

      (Psychedelic Fun!)

    • Clear Coat Protectant
    • Low Pressure Rinse
    • Spot Free Rinse
  • $8



    • Under Car Wash
    • 2-Step Pre-Soak
    • High Impact Rinse
    • Clear Coat Protectant
    • Low Pressure Rinse
    • Spot Free Rinse

      (And You're On Your Way!)

  • $7



    • 2-Step Pre-Soak
    • High Impact RInse
    • Wax

      (Wax On - Wax Off)

    • Low Pressure Rinse
  • $6



    • 1-Step Pre Soak
    • High Impact Rinse
    • Low Pressure Rinse

      (Mom Will Never Know You Took Her Car Offroad!)

Our Best Value

The Works Car Wash

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Highest Quality Equipment Available

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  • Touchless automated systems

    A whole new class of car wash that represents a technological advancement and brings an all new, eco-friendly product to the car wash industry. Our touchless automated system is a new generation of car wash in a class all its own. Without the hassle of waiting in line or getting your shoes wet!

  • 24 hour Hand wash Stalls

    For your convenience, our location features self-serve wash bays, which are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! You choose the type of wash you want during the cycle featuring heated water, Scrub-It’s special soaps and a high pressure, spot-free rinse. Choose options such as pre-soak and tire shine to customize your wash.

  • onsite vacuum services

    Customers expect to leave your car wash with a shiny car (of course), but they also enjoy the convenience of a coin-operated car wash vacuum that can also shampoo carpets, remove spots, and apply tire shine all at one station at your car wash.

  • onsite detail services

    Professional detailing specialists use the most current cutting-edge technology to give your car/truck/rv/boat the showroom appeal it deserves. Whether you have a Ferrari, or a Pinto, & everything in between, we have the expertise and the affordable rates to fit your needs and budget! We strive to offer the highest possible result to exceed your expectations.

  • rv size wash stalls

    If you keep your RV in storage, you can easily wash it here too. Or before you bring it home, because you can’t park it on the street in front of our house and wash it. Washing your RV at home, it is a bit of a hassle, especially before a camping trip. Use our RV wash to get it clean and shiny before you head out for adventure.

  • car care vending machines

    We keep our machine stocked with glass cleaners, drying towels, and air fresheners and everything you need. Our selection includes many trusted name brands your customers will recognize, including Armor All, Little Trees, and Simoniz. Swing by and checkout our handy supply of carwash accessories.

Time To Shine

We Offer Full Detail Services

We have over twelve years of experience in the auto reconditioning industry. The auto reconditioning industry is constantly changing and we are constantly researching new products, services, and methods to give our customers the best service possible!

  • Experience

    The Royal Treatment

    • Auto Detailing
    • Boat Detailing
    • Headlight Restoration
    • Windshield Repair
    • Fleet Detailing & Maintenance

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